Life Biosciences Appoints Joan Mannick, MD, as Head of Research and Development


Joan Mannick

Life Biosciences, a pioneering life sciences company targeting aging biology, announced today the appointment of Joan Mannick, MD, as Head of Research and Development. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Mannick will direct and manage the company's portfolio of R&D operations.

"We are excited to welcome Dr. Mannick as our Head of R&D," said Mehmood Khan, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Life Biosciences. "Joan's expertise aligns so closely with our vision of pursuing therapies for age-related diseases by targeting the biological causes of aging, and I'm confident she will help us take Life Biosciences to the next level."

Dr. Mannick joins Life Biosciences from Adicet Bio, formerly resTORbio, where she served as Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer and led R&D efforts. Before that, she served as Executive Director of the New Indications Discovery Unit at Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research, where she led their clinical-stage program targeting aging biology as a new way to treat aging-related conditions. Prior to joining Novartis, Dr. Mannick was Medical Director at Genzyme Corporation working in multiple therapeutic areas including leading an investigator-sponsored program for an early stage oncology product. She has served as faculty member at Harvard Medical School and University of Massachusetts Medical School. She received her AB from Harvard College and MD from Harvard Medical School. She completed her residency at Brigham and Women's Hospital, followed by an infectious diseases fellowship as part of the Harvard Combined Infectious Diseases Program.

"I am thrilled to join Life Biosciences because I think it has in-licensed the most exciting programs of any company in the aging field," said Dr. Mannick. "With truly inspiring science and an incredibly talented team of world-leading researchers, Life Biosciences has huge potential to change the course of aging and age-related diseases, and I am honored to now be a part of it."

About Life Biosciences

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Boston, Life Biosciences brings scientists together from the world's preeminent research and academic institutions into a discovery, development, and commercialization ecosystem dedicated to extending the healthy human lifespan. We are pursuing clinical therapies across multiple molecular pathways that regulate the biology of aging. This means our therapies each have the potential to address multiple age-related diseases that impact longevity far upstream from conventional medicine.

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