Citybiz Interview with Ben Williams, President at SDI Architecture


Benjamin Williams

Ben Williams is the founder and president of SDI Architecture, an international architectural and interior design firm with offices in Boston and India, that creates distinct designs that capture the client’s identity through the visual and physical experience of the built environment. SDI Architecture strives for design integration in all aspects of their projects. Ben's collaborative approach is engrained in SDI’s office culture, and SDI's designs are built on the team’s collective experiences. By fully and respectfully engaging the team throughout each step of the design process, Ben ensures that SDI's projects reflect the integrated knowledge and experience of every team member.

Interview questions:

Career |Please provide an overview of your career and the decision to start SDI Architecture in 2018?

SDI Architecture | Can you provide a history and key milestones of SDI Architecture? How would you describe the company’s philosophy?

COVID | How is COVID impacting office design? Residential design? Will resuburbanization continue?

2020/2021 Projects | Can you provide an overview of projects completed in 2020? Starting in 2021?

India | In 2020, SDI Architecture opened an office in Hyderabad, India. The co-founder was Prasanna Lachagari. Can you tell us about her background? What will be the role of this office?

Future | What are the growth plans for SDI Architecture?

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About SDI Architecture

SDI Architecture is an international architectural and interior design firm that is disrupting the design industry through a collaborative design process that engages the client and consultants in developing distinct, custom designs, centered upon the user’s experience. SDI Architecture creates distinct designs that capture the client’s identity through the visual and physical experience of the built environment. We achieve this by working hand-in-hand with clients to understand their mission, culture, audiences and goals. We then use that knowledge to design a customized space that addresses their needs. For businesses, that includes maximizing productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction and health. SDI Architecture is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with design offices in India and the U.S. For more information on SDI Architecture please visit

Penthouse in Hyderabad, India. The penthouse is an open space concept

The living room has an open, flexible layout with movable glass wall opening the interior space to an outdoor patio. It is open to the dining room that has a small balcony for entertaining

Kitchen is open to the dining room with one wall filled cabinet, leaving no overhead cabinets above the cooktop which makes the space feel larger. Subtle finishes to allow the homeowner to display art

Sun filled space master bedroom

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