SDI Architecture’s Project Designer Prasanna Lachagari Places In National Top 100 Leaders In Real Estate And Construction


Prasanna Lachagari

Young Woman of Color Making Waves in Male-Dominated Industry

SDI Architecture, a Boston-based international architectural and interior design firm that develops distinct, custom designs, centered upon the user’s experience, with locations in Boston, Massachusetts and Hyderabad, India, announced today that the firm partner and project designer, Prasanna Lachagari, has earned a spot as one of the Top 100 Leaders in Real Estate and Construction at the annual WRECONF (World Real Estate and Construction Forum). The award category scored participants on four parameters: overall reach, industry impact, future readiness and market demand. Prasanna scored well above the cut-off in all of these categories.

Prasanna Lachagari, who also co-founded the company’s sister location in Asia, grew-up in Hyderabad, India and focused her initial education on drawing and painting. Her foundation in studio art gave her a leg-up when she transitioned to the architectural field, due to her deep understanding of space and form. After earning her Bachelors in Architecture in India and teaching architectural sketching simultaneously, Lachagari became a licensed architect. She went on to move to the US where she earned her LEED GA and received commendations of excellence on her Master’s Thesis from the Boston Architectural College.

“I’m honored to be chosen as a Top 100 Leader in Real Estate and Construction by the WRECONF,” said Prasanna. “In the application process I was asked how my work is shaping the future of my industry, which is a very important question. By showing up as a young, entrepreneurial woman of color to a male-dominated industry, I am making changes by showing other people like me how it is possible to follow your dreams and find success. I hope that more women like me will be inspired to follow their passions and be leaders in their field, no matter their background or where they are from.”

Prasanna received a commendation of excellence for her Master’s of Architecture thesis, the subject of which was “Healing Racism, Center for Actuality and Equity,” a topic that has always been extremely important to her on a personal level. Through her thesis, she explored the ways that architecture could heal racism through self reflection and facilitating discussion and positive interactions.

“We are so lucky to have Prasanna as a leader on our team,” said Ben Williams, owner of SDI Architecture. “She brings a unique perspective and an amazing understanding of design to all of our projects, she thinks outside of the box and brings cutting-edge ideas to the table. We would not be an international firm with global clients without Prasanna’s hard work in co-founding SDI’s presence in India.”


SDI Architecture is an international architectural and interior design firm that is disrupting the design industry through a collaborative design process that engages the client and consultants in developing distinct, custom designs, centered upon the user’s experience. SDI Architecture creates distinct designs that capture the client’s identity through the visual and physical experience of the built environment. We achieve this by working hand-in-hand with clients to understand their mission, culture, audiences and goals. We then use that knowledge to design a customized space that addresses their needs. For businesses, that includes maximizing productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction and health.

SDI Architecture is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with design offices in India and the U.S. For more information on SDI Architecture please visit

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