Biocytogen Raises $142M


In August, Beijing Biocytogen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. announced acquisition of Eucure Biopharma, which established Biocytogen as a clinical stage company. Now, Biocytogen is pleased to announce completion of series D1 Funding, successfully raising 142 million dollars (USD) meant to further secure the implementation of Project Integrum.

Project Integrum is a humanitarian effort to discover, develop, and bring to market novel therapeutic antibody candidates against all notoriously difficult druggable targets. Taking full advantage of Biocytogen's integrated technology platforms for antibody discovery, Project Integrum will launch pre-clinical efforts into over 1,000 human diseases currently affecting countless lives.

Meticulous screening of antibody candidates both in vivo and in vitro improves clinical translatability dramatically. At the core of Biocytogen lie the humanized antibody RenMab Mouse and a hoard of proprietary advanced gene targeting strategies, which have been fully optimized and integrated with the most advanced, complementary technologies in the express goal of discovering therapeutic, clinically-relevant antibodies.

Whether it's with RenMab-based target knockout mice, customized target humanized mouse models, in vivo pharmacology screening platforms, or even companion dog translational medicine, Biocytogen is determined to find antibodies with clinical translative value. Biocytogen Chairman and CEO Dr. Yuelei Shen commented: "The funds raised in this round will strongly support rapid implementation of the development of RenMab-knockout mouse models for a vast number of immuno-oncology and autoimmune disease targets, and challenging targets including ion channel and GPCR proteins, and others of high human-mouse homology."

With extensive experience and knowledge, Biocytogen can help to identify antibody candidates that will likely have the highest probability of success in the clinic, based upon species of cross-reactivity. In a collective effort to establish Biocytogen as an original source of future cures, Project Integrum was created to unite physicians, researchers, and scientists across borders. With promise of continued scientific advancement and expansion of our existing innovative drug development collaborations, Biocytogen welcomes new partnerships of biotech and pharmaceutical companies globally.

We are very grateful to CMB International, the lead investor in this round, and our investor partners PICC Capital, SDIC Ventures, China Life Equity, 3E Bioventures, Cowin Capital, and Baifu Capital.


Biocytogen is a global biotech company that drives the research and development of new drugs with innovative technologies. Biocytogen works jointly with global partners to accelerate new drug discovery and development.

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