Eventide Announces The Eventide Exponential Technologies Fund


Eventide is pleased to announce the launch of its sixth mutual fund, the Eventide Exponential Technologies Fund (ETAEX, ETCEX, ETNEX, ETIEX). With a primary objective of long-term capital appreciation, the Fund seeks to invest in companies primarily positioned in the information technology and communication services sectors with a high emphasis on the software, technology hardware and equipment, and semiconductor and communications groups of industries. Along with all Eventide Funds, the Exponential Technologies Fund seeks to invest in companies helping to create a better world by serving society, customers, employees, and other key stakeholders.

The Fund will be managed by Eventide Portfolio Manager Anant Goel, who has served as the technology analyst for the Eventide Gilead Fund since 2016. Goel said, "Technological innovation is currently and will continue to be a powerful force in creating our future economy. I believe there are many exciting opportunities for investors to participate in the growth of some of these companies poised to bring about positive change in our world." Eventide CIO, Finny Kuruvilla, MD, PhD, said of Goel's appointment to manage the fund, "I have been impressed with Anant's thought leadership and deep understanding of what drives long-term company performance in this area. He understands the importance of the intertwining connection between company performance and their ability to create value for society."

The Eventide Exponential Technologies Fund joins the existing Eventide Funds with more than $5 billion in net assets under management: the Eventide Gilead Fund, the Eventide Healthcare & Life Sciences Fund, the Eventide Multi-Asset Income Fund, the Eventide Dividend Opportunities Fund, and the Eventide Limited-Term Bond Fund. The Eventide Funds are managed by Eventide Asset Management, LLC, a Boston-based investment adviser that seeks to provide high performance by investing in companies that create compelling value for their customers, employees, supply chain, host communities, the environment, and society broadly.

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