HubSpot, Inc.: A Top Near-Term Capital Gain Candidate



  • Coming price expectations of Market-Makers for HubSpot, Inc. are among the top 10 odds-on equity investments from similar forecasts of over 2,500 widely-held, actively-traded issues.
  • Their forecasts come from MM capital-risk hedging required to "fill" volume block trade orders of sufficient size to provide impact in institutional client billion dollar portfolios. Forecasts not available elsewhere.
  • Present HUBS expectations have twice as much upside price change as downside risk exposure. The five-year history of similar risk~reward balances earned profits in 94% of prior forecast experiences.
  • Prospective capital gains identified here are near term ( <3 months), not for long-term holdings. They are drawn from a robust population of similar, daily-updated reinvestment candidates.

HUBS is rising in a sinking market. Why?

Because enough institutional investment organizations looking for near capital gain stocks have found others willing to give up on HubSpot (HUBS), who will take what they can get now, fearful of the future.

Why believe the more optimistic investors are right? Because they have had a winning record of price gains in this stock repeatedly over the past 5 years. The right ones define the best times to buy by their actions.

Part of those actions is the effect displayed by the Market-Makers who know who their most credible customers are, those most-often right ones. When those clients are buying, or want to buy, the MMs adjust their own thinking about where prices may go.

What is HUBS, and why is it attractive?

HubSpot, Inc. provides a cloud-based marketing, sales, and customer service software platform for businesses in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The company's software platform includes integrated applications, such as customer relationship management, search engine optimization, blogging, Website content management, messaging, chatbots, social media, marketing automation, email, predictive lead scoring, sales productivity, ticketing and helpdesk tools, customer NPS surveys, analytics, and reporting. It also offers professional, as well as phone and/or email and chat based support services. It serves mid-market business-to-business companies. HubSpot, Inc. was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts."

Description by Yahoo Finance

HubSpot is now a 15-year old business in a 20-year-old 21st century's new way of doing business. Its business is getting a kick of forced encouragement under social constraints imposed by a health pandemic. Some see the development as a positive opportunity, depending on the managerial talents of business developers at many levels.

From an investment point of view, technological opportunities are already well advanced in providing information-handling tools. Considerable commercial opportunities are viewed as still available in the organization and management of matching the needs of consumers with the means of satisfying those needs efficiently. This is what HUBS and many other aspirants are pursuing.

Trying to appraise the many aspects of that pursuit in detail requires resources well beyond the insights of most individual investors. Our approach is to utilize the extensive human assets of major investment organizations that have objectives often quite parallel to those of individual investors. They hire and apply the time and skills of well-educated and well-informed specialists to make the same kinds of judgmental forecasts that individual investors treasure: Where are the securities' prices headed?


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