Offit Kurman Telebriefs


Offit Kurman Telebriefs® are 30-minute, information-packed phone calls geared towards executives, HR directors, supervisors, managers, and business owners. Join Howard K. Kurman, as he discusses employment law developments occurring over the past two weeks that will most significantly impact employers nationwide. These twice-monthly phone calls are an easy way to stay current and compliant with the latest employment law developments that will significantly affect you and your company. The goal is to provide information and insights to help executives stay current with the latest workplace law developments and in front of trends, to enable proactive policy-making and management. Our guarantee: You will learn something useful, on every call!

When: The 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month
Time: 9:00 – 9:30 AM EST
Where: On your phone

Caller Testimonials

"My company has been a client of Offit Kurman from the firm’s beginning, and I’ve worked with Howard Kurman for more than 15 years on all sorts of issues and litigation. Participating in Howard’s bi-weekly telebriefs has added a very valuable way for me to regularly receive a high-level explanation of recent and anticipated court decisions, agency rulings, legislation that are “must know’s” for anyone charged with guiding or protecting their company from mistakes in the employment or labor arena. The guidance Howard provides on the telebriefs is practical, succinct, and helps me decide on what issues my company needs more in-depth legal assistance from him or other Offit Kurman attorneys. I highly recommend the telebriefs to anyone in human resources-related work, whether you are very experienced, just starting out, and anywhere in between."

About the Presenter

Howard K. Kurman regularly counsels clients on all aspects of proactive employment and labor issues. He represents employers ranging in size from as small as 20 employees, to employers with geographically disparate locations consisting of over 4,000 employees. Mr. Kurman assures, through regular contact with his clients, that they promulgate and maintain the most effective employment policies that will, to the extent possible, minimize their legal exposure in today’s litigious workplace. Mr. Kurman offers advice on employee handbooks, employment agreements, and covenants not to compete as well as confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.


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