HardKore Athletic Performance Testing Brings Zybek Sports – the Official Timing System of the NFL to New England


HardKore Athletic Performance Testing is bringing the nationally recognized Zybek Performance Testing System, the Official Timing System of the NFL and the USA Olympic Teams, to young athletes across the Northeast.

The Standardized Athletic Test (SAT) is a combination of athletic performance evaluations comprised of the 40 yard dash, the 5-10-5, L Drill, Broad Jump, Vertical Jump PLUS Body Measurements of Reach, Wing Span, Hand Size, Height and Weight. The Power Pushup is also measured on the Force Plate.

HardKore is using the most accurate laser timing system in the world and through Zybek’s National Database of well over 100,000 thousand strong can compare athletes by individual sports, age, positions and High School, College and Professional levels. The results can be used for personal benchmarking, team comparison, recruiting, and goal setting.

“The laser technology combined with Zybek’s National Database provides athletes, parents, coaches and trainers with the essential and accurate information that they need,” said Kevin Orcutt, President and CEO of HardKore Testing. “The Zybek testing can help athletes decide where their talents are with real time comparisons to their competition. Athletes will know which areas they need to improve in order to meet their goals. We are excited to bring this valuable tool to the New England sports scene.”

About HardKore Athletics Testing

HardKore is the first to bring a SAT Testing Center to New England through a partnership with Zybek Sports. Zybek Sports has done the NFL Combine for the past 10 years as well as run the Olympic Training Center. HardKore uses Zybek laser equipment to provide the unbiased, most accurate athletic testing scores possible. These scores can be used for personal knowledge, to use within a certain group or team, or analyzed against an international database second to none to access where the athlete stands. HardKore does not endorse any one training company but seeks to help provide accurate information on performance and areas that need improvement. They offer various packages including base scores, comparison group scores, and the full SAT with the ability to do video with still frames to break down an athletes’ form. HardKore is an affiliate of Eastern Massachusetts Hawks Lacrosse Program and is located at 22 Reservoir Park Drive, Unit 4 in Rockland, MA. For more information please visit Hardkoretesting.com or call 617-827-4160.

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