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WILTON, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Toluna, a ITWP company and leading consumer intelligence platform provider that delivers insights on demand, today announced a specialized practice focused on the needs of the Media & Entertainment industry. The announcement comes as the company continues to secure successful partnerships with major motion picture and gaming companies, mass media conglomerates and live event promoters.

The average adult in the U.S. spends 6.5 hours per day engaged with digital media, according to a survey by emarketer. Despite high levels of use the increasing footprint of content streaming within the industry and consumer trends including binge-watching, make it challenging for content owners to understand true viewership metrics. Traditional measurement models don’t allow for lags when gauging the content that resonates with viewers.

“The rise of streaming platforms presents a whole new challenge for the entertainment industry. Consumers are engaged with content but it’s hard to know the true audience reach,” said Nick Langeveld, managing director of Toluna North America. “Insights on demand, specialist panels and behavioral data can bridge the gap and provide new confidence in knowing how to invest marketing budgets.”

Entertainment companies can harness the Toluna QuickSurveys platform to access consumer insights on demand, staying well-informed on trends and maximizing opportunities for revenue growth. Toluna’s profiling enables users to target niche segments in real-time while observed digital behavior from opt-in panel members reveals the full consumer journey including gaming habits and streaming system and app use.

Practice founder and SVP of the Toluna Media & Entertainment sector, Patricia Chapin-Bayley said, "Our success is driven by our ability to provide the most agile solutions to an industry that redefined the term fast-paced. Entertainment industry professionals need to understand how consumers are reacting to services and available content in real-time while predicting which trends will next emerge. We help researchers to know how to market to and engage with consumers for all aspects of content consumption."

Toluna at Media and Entertainment Industry Events

Toluna will present at up-coming industry events:

  • On October 16, Toluna, Adweek and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment will host a webinar on entitled, “Understand the New Shopping Experience.” Register for the Adweek Webinar here:
  • From November 5-7, Toluna and Warner Brothers will present “Tracking Behavioral & Survey Data to Predict Entertainment Consumption” at The Market Research Event in Las Vegas, Booth # 623

About Toluna

Toluna, an ITWP Company, provides consumer insights designed to empower success in today's on-demand, global economy. Powered by the perfect fusion of technology, expertise, and the largest global community of influencers at the ready, Toluna delivers rich, reliable, real-time insights to individuals, and companies of all sizes. Our automated consumer insights platform, TolunaInsights™ underpins everything we do. Clients can access the platform directly, leverage Toluna’s managed services, or create fully-customized digital consumer insights programs via our engineered services. TolunaInsights was built to complement QuickSurveys, Toluna’s on-demand platform designed for quick-turn, automated research.

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