Communications Technology Services (CTS) Announced as a Ranplan Preferred System Integrator with “Honors”


MARLBORO, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Communications Technology Services (CTS), a trusted system integrator for major wireless service providers, private enterprise and venue owners announces a preferred partnership with Ranplan Wireless. Throughout, CTS will be leveraging Ranplan’s Heterogeneous design capabilities and modern cloud-based platform to help deliver the next-generation 5G connected communities, under the Ranplan Precision Design Initiative.

CTS has established themselves as the first Ranplan preferred partner to be recognized with a “Master-Level” Certified Heterogenous Design Engineer. This is a result of all CTS design and engineering teams recently completing an intense training and certification program. These sessions were focused on advancing design competencies beyond the traditional in-building and legacy macro only design methods, with design engineers reaching the highest level of product proficiency.

As a Preferred System Integrator (“PSI”) and having Master-Level representation, CTS has extended their leadership role and services portfolio allowing them to provide innovative heterogenous design services capable of providing the telecommunication industry “community-based” design solutions that consider the impact to, or of, the targeted structure with outdoor small cells, O-DAS and macro sectors in conjunction with traditional in-building design.

“The partnership between Ranplan and CTS represents a paradigm shift when designing for modern RF networks: With carriers actively deploying 5G in-Building and Heterogeneous networks, gone is the calm before the storm, it is time to execute. Ranplan stands ready, together, with our preferred integrators, our OEM-partners and carriers to deliver 5G and densified LTE networks for all venue types, regardless of complexity. CTS is a trusted industry expert with a track record of success. Ranplan is proud to have CTS as a driving force with our Precision Design Initiative delivering a new generation of wireless connectivity systems.” – Jason Suplita, Vice President Ranplan America

Collaborating closely with the Ranplan’s research and software development teams, OEM-Partners and key industry stakeholders, the newly established Ranplan Competency Center provides the vehicle for a critical technical feedback loop for CTS to advance heterogenous design methodologies and define wider integration requirements when deploying modern multi-layer connectivity networks for their clients.

As a leader in the design and engineering of today's wireless networks, CTS is committed to partnering with the best solutions available in the industry. Our strategic PSI partnership with Ranplan Wireless will assist CTS in leading the way in rolling out complex 5G NR designs for our clients and partner customers. The growing complexity of indoor and outdoor 5G NR deployments, increased number of stakeholders and systems, and higher demand for data rate and capacity require a dynamic, versatile, and precision design tool coupled with an agile and responsive partner and tool vendor. Through collaboration and integration with Ranplan’s Heterogeneous Precision Design Initiative, CTS will be able to deliver 5G NR designs for both indoor and outdoor deployments with great efficiency, speed, accuracy, and consistency. – Juanyu Bu, Vice President of Mobility Strategy

CTS and Ranplan Wireless will host joint a webinar later in Fall 2019. Utilizing CTS’s trusted industry leading engineering expertise, and Ranplan Professional, this session will provide an overview of design “Best Practices” when incorporating 5G into high capacity complex venues. Please look for CTS and Ranplan at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, “OnGo” Pavilion, West Hall #5002. October 22-24, Los Angeles, CA.

About Communications Technology Services (CTS)

Communication Technology Services, known in the industry as CTS, is the industry leader and a trusted integrator for all major wireless service providers, having successfully deployed over 9,000 distributed antenna systems nationwide. With almost three decades of history, CTS is designing, building, managing, servicing and consulting on DAS projects, large and small, across all vertical markets nationwide. Building upon its robust experience and knowledge in general contracting, project management and structured cabling, CTS has evolved into the premier provider of services for the wireless industry including DAS, wireless LAN, and small cell solutions integrating public safety, commercial cellular and other wireless technologies to provide world-class communication systems.

About Ranplan Wireless

Ranplan Wireless is an innovative wireless technology company that has developed the World’s only solution that can plan, design and optimize in-building and outdoor wireless networks in coordination. Our solutions enable us to help an ecosystem of organizations deploy next generation of wireless networks for a range of applications within urban environments, supporting multiple technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G, Wifi, and IoT, providing end users with an unmatched quality of experience.

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