Drift Launches the World’s First Conversational Email Marketing Platform


BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Drift, the world’s leading conversational marketing and sales platform, today launched Drift Email for Marketing, the company’s brand new email marketing platform designed to help businesses start more conversations with potential customers.

Unlike traditional email marketing platforms, Drift Email for Marketing focuses on plain text, conversational emails that put the buyer experience first and help marketers send better email.

“This is the third email marketing platform that I have built from scratch -- but it’s the only one that is truly built for the modern buying experience,” said Drift CEO David Cancel. “The best companies today are the ones that are willing to invest in one-to-one, personal conversations with customers. So we have completely re-engineered email to focus on conversations -- not clicks -- in order to deliver performance far beyond what anyone thought was possible with traditional email marketing.”

A Single, Connected Conversation With Prospects and Customers

With Drift Email for Marketing, marketers can connect email directly to their websites, creating a seamless experience for both the email recipient and the website visitor. Whenever someone comes to the website as a result of a marketing email, they get a personalized greeting and the ability to jump right into a conversation in real-time or schedule a meeting for later via Drift’s chatbot.

Drift’s new email marketing platform also includes:

Smart Audiences. With Smart Audiences, marketers can stop worrying about interrupting active sales conversations with blog content, webinar invites, or other mailings. That means there's no need to spend hours on complicated if/then workflows: just click once and Drift won't send any emails to people who are engaged with sales or having conversations on your website.

Dynamic Sending. Instead of waiting on sales to follow-up with potential customers, marketers can use Dynamic Sending to send emails directly from the sales rep assigned to their account. These emails can also include the account owner's calendar link and signature so marketers can immediately start booking high quality meetings on behalf of the sales team.

Revenue Reporting. With Drift, it’s not about opens and clicks -- it’s about revenue. So any marketing email sent via Drift will show how many conversations each email started, how many sales meetings came from each email, and the amount of revenue each email generated.

Marketers Are Calling This the “Medium” of Marketing Email

“What Medium did for content creators online, Drift is now doing for email,” said Chris Handy of ClosedWon. “By limiting design choices, the new Drift Email for Marketing is putting a focus purely on the content. Folks responsible for driving revenue goals can spend less time painting pictures and worrying about device compatibility and just write emails tailored for their customers. Marketers can finally stop ‘blasting’ (the dirtiest word in marketing) their customers and start building meaningful relationships again. We’ve seen much higher open/clicks rate for emails in the ‘plain text’ formats with a single focus or single call to action.”

The Future of B2B Marketing Email Is About Conversations, Not Clicks

“Every CEO should be concerned about creating amazing buying experiences. And there are lots of great businesses making this happen today, but one area where they continue to struggle is email marketing,” Cancel said. “Unfortunately, the best B2B marketing typically looks like this today: people get emails from sales reps, then similar emails from marketing, and those systems never talk to each other or know what’s happening in real-time on the website. We built Drift Email for Marketing to solve these problems and finally give marketers an email system that will help create an amazing buying experience.”

Drift Email for Marketing is available worldwide starting today on Drift’s Team and Company plans. To learn more, visit https://www.drift.com/email/.

About Drift

Drift is the new way businesses buy from businesses. With its quickly evolving set of tools and playbooks, Drift is world’s first and only conversational marketing and sales platform. Over 50,000 businesses use Drift today to provide a modern buying experience for potential customers, generate more qualified leads, and dramatically accelerate the sales cycle. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Drift is a venture-backed company founded by serial marketing technology entrepreneurs David Cancel and Elias Torres. Learn more at drift.com.

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