Scott Karambis to Head Up The Fantastical's Brand Lab


Branding and Advertising agency, The Fantastical, is happy to be joined by industry veteran, Scott Karambis, as Director of Brand Planning and Strategy. With his extraordinary combination of skills, Mr. Karambis has been reluctantly described as a "strategy unicorn." He's earned those skills by running brand strategy at MullenLowe, Amalgamated and Grey; a UX-focused strategy department at Sapient and Media Strategy at MediaHub.

"Scott is truly a Fantastical creature," said The Fantastical Managing Partner and co-founder Michael Ancevic. "With his ability to bring Brand, UX and media planning together, he's able to help us creatively deliver the perfect strategy and the perfect message to the exact right person and gets them to do that thing that we want them to do. You can't beat that."

In his role as Director of Brand Planning and Strategy, Mr. Karambis will head The Fantastical Brand Lab, which works upstream to give brands clarity of thinking in strategy, branding and execution. From evaluating brand models and targets, to messaging architectures and positioning, to brand identities the Brand Lab helps clients bring their business and marketing vision to life.

"The addition of Scott makes our bench even deeper," said The Fantastical Managing Partner and co-founder Michael Ancevic. "His experience has helped guide and inspire some of the world's leading brands, from food to travel to media and financial services, including Panera, Chipotle, Four Seasons, Orbitz, Ben & Jerry's, Netflix, Cartoon Network, LendingTree and many others."

"The Fantastical Brand Lab is a mix of science and art, practice and play. At The Fantastical, we're building a very unique integrated practice, drawing insights from every side of the field—consumer and cultural research, experience design, behavioral science, and more," said Scott Karambis, Director of Brand Planning and Strategy, The Fantastical. "We don't believe that more tools in your tool kit guarantees you'll come up with a better idea, but it does guarantee you'll have more ways to find one. Then it's all about the team's energy, curiosity and persistence – which we have in spades."

Mr. Karambis first discovered the challenge of earning attention in front of the classroom, teaching literature and writing at Harvard and the University of Iowa. He still thinks that inspiring people to think in a new way is one of his most important jobs, whether those people are colleagues, clients or consumers.

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The Fantastical is a modernly defined Branding and Advertising Agency that leverages strategy and creativity as an ROI multiplier for its clients. We use brand strategy and creativity to help solve hard business challenges, delivering on-brand strategically driven results for our clients by thinking up things others don't.

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