MEGA Offers Strategic Capabilities for IT Portfolio Management


BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MEGA International has added new capabilities to HOPEX IT Portfolio Management, offering novel ways to assess IT resources and strengthen corporate decision-making. The solution helps companies precisely plan the direction of the IT portfolio, forming a solid foundation for business transformation.

Three new capabilities were added to the MEGA solution:

  • application criticality assessment
  • capability planning tied to corporate vision and strategy
  • visionary scenario reporting

“Many companies begin business transformation with IT portfolio management because IT drives the business,” explained Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA. “When IT is streamlined and efficient, and meets business needs, more resources can be devoted to innovation and advancing corporate performance. An optimal IT system can help foster customer relationships, win competitive advantage and increase profitability.”

What’s New
IT leaders can reduce costs by identifying the criticality of each application, through usage analysis, downtime assessments and user questionnaires, which help them set appropriate SLA levels. Applications that are critical may require support in seconds, while less critical applications can be serviced in a few days. This knowledge lets the company reduce costs by paying only for necessary support. It also aids decisions on application upgrades and replacements that can significantly affect IT costs.

HOPEX IT Portfolio Management connects the company’s vision and strategy directly to portfolio planning through the use of business capability maps that describe how applications support business activities. This allows for capability evolution linked to business outcomes, rather than just a series of isolated application upgrades or replacements. Capability planning in HOPEX IT Portfolio Management uses the same methodology as the recently announced capability planning in HOPEX Business Architecture, creating a seamless experience for companies using multiple MEGA solutions.

MEGA’s new scenario reporting is an advanced tool to manage technology obsolescence. It lets IT leaders clearly see the effects of removing or replacing obsolete applications in an easy-to-read graph that details both current and expected future costs for manpower, infrastructure, software licenses and service. This additionalreporting, beyond the norm for the industry, makes it easier to visualize cost-effective options for the future state of the IT portfolio.

HOPEX IT Portfolio Management
Edison, Fannie Mae and Gilead Sciences are some of the MEGA customers that have used HOPEX IT Portfolio Management.

Forrester Consulting was recently commissioned by MEGA to conduct a financial impact case study of one of its customers, a large financial services company. Forrester’s study estimated the company would save $11 million after using HOPEX IT Portfolio Management with more than 3,000 applications. MEGA offers an ROI Calculator for companies to quickly estimate the savings they could expect using HOPEX IT Portfolio Management.

About MEGA

MEGA International is a global software firm helping companies manage enterprise complexity by giving them an interactive view of their operations. Executives gain the visibility and information they need to make the right choices for effective governance and to strike the right balance between capacity for innovation, cost optimization, and risk management. Backed by HOPEX software and MEGA consulting services, companies can boost business and IT agility in today’s disruptive business environment.

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