FanZcall App Puts You in the Batter’s Box


New App Gets Fans Up to Bat for Each Pitch in Real Time

Play Ball! Today marks the exciting launch of FanZcall Interactive Sports, a new app that promises to transform the way Major League Baseball games are watched and enjoyed. With FanZcall, every at-bat becomes an opportunity for fans to play the app’s real-time game within the game, win points, and beat the competition.

FanZcall is the solution to fan engagement that MLB has been searching for. Rather than exploring ways to speed up the game and combat a slow pace of play, FanZcall engages audiences between each at-bat, enhancing the action and fan experience.

Will the next batter crush a home run or strike out? Will he hit a single, double or triple? Now you can turn your bold prediction into “FanZpoints” with every major league at-bat for your favorite teams. The FanZcall app (now available on iOS and Android) turns fantasy baseball into reality and can give you ultimate bragging rights over your friends.

“Whether you are watching baseball from the stands or your couch, FanZcall puts you right in the batter’s box and into your very own game,” said Anton Khinchuk, Founder and CEO of FanZcall, a Boston based company. “You make the call, and compete with everyone from friends in your living room to users from around the world.”

It doesn’t matter if you are a casual fan or a die-hard who never misses a game,FanZcall gives you something new to root for.

Khinchuk came up with the idea after taking his kids to Fenway Park. After realizing his three boys would rather play “Angry Birds” on their mobile devices than watch a live baseball game, he began wondering how he could make baseball more accessible and engaging for his kids and fans of all ages.

FanZcall has a fan friendly interface with built-in stats that are easy to understand for players of all ages.

FanZcall is free to download and play, with no in-app purchases, ever. “The app is completely free to use; ‘losing’ a FanZcall game won’t cost you a penny either,” saidDave Caruso, Chief Operating Officer of FanZcall. “There are no entry or surprise fees.”

The number of FanZpoints users receive depends on the likelihood of the outcome they select. For instance, correctly choosing a home run will net significantly more points than if a player strikes out (a far more likely result). Even those who guess incorrectly will still accumulate points just for playing.

FanZcall’s innovation extends to its media and sponsorship opportunities, said Jon Hickey, Chief Marketing Officer, as the app includes a wide range of media and advertising content available for partners.

“Without altering the functionality of the app, FanZcall can be easily modified to best reach any advertiser’s audience,” he said. “It’s a whole new way to reach consumers when existing baseball media and advertising avenues are unavailable. It really provides a significant incremental media platform for partners and advertisers.”

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About FanZcall

FanZcall is a breakthrough app that turns watching a baseball game into an interactive experience. Created by an innovative technology start-up in Boston, the app allows users to guess the outcomes of at-bats in real time. For more information, visit

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