deepSQL Wins “Best Newbie Tech” at 2016 MITX Awards


BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Deep Information Sciences, the company that created the world’s only machine learning, cloud-scale database, today announced it earned the “Best Newbie Technology” award at MITX 2016. Deep was recognized for its disruptive database, deepSQL, which leverages machine learning to deliver the high-velocity data stream processing, ACID transactions and real-time analytics essential for database-as-a-service (DBaaS). This award comes on the heels of InfoWorld’s Editor’s Choice announcement, which named deepSQL as superior to Amazon Aurora for outperforming it by 2x-10x in ingest, query and restart comparison testing.

The MITX Awards, held by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange, is the largest and most prestigious annual awards competition in the country for technology and digital innovation. More than 120 senior leaders from Boston businesses judged entries for this year’s contest, which recognized the best technological and marketing accomplishments produced in New England.

“The companies and individuals that have been recognized by MITX are some of the most brilliant, creative and entrepreneurial in the country,” said Amy Quigley, President of MITX. “Deep’s disruptive technology and its value proposition as a big data engine for database-as-a-service exemplify the innovation and talent that are hallmarks of the New England economy.”

“Our on-demand world is driven by cloud-based applications and services—and databases are at the heart of all of them. However, as many businesses are learning, simply moving apps and databases to the cloud that weren’t designed for the cloud doesn’t work. They’re not flexible, scalable or responsive enough for cloud scale,” said Thomas Hazel, Deep’s Founder, CTO and Chief Architect. “Deep completely reinvented the science underlying databases to enable the next, essential leap for the ‘as-a-service economy’. With deepSQL at the core, there’s no need to rebuild or redesign databases or apps. deepSQL handles all the intricacies needed for the cloud, while masking the complexities from applications and developers, making it exceedingly easy to deliver cloud-based services. We’re thrilled that MITX recognizes the unique value and disruptive promise of our innovation.”

deepSQL, the only machine learning relational database built for the cloud, concurrently runs low-latency, high-velocity data streaming, ACID transactions and analytics. deepSQL is built on CASSI (Continuous Adaptive Sequential Summarization of Information),Deep’s proprietary technology which enables unprecedented scale up and scale out. Unlike legacy database approaches that are based on variations of tree algorithms, CASSI allows databases to observe and analyze the host hardware and workloads and then use machine learning algorithms to predict behavior and automatically adapt to ever-changing scenarios, without going offline. The result is a virtually lockless database that delivers unprecedented performance with full ACID compliance, using the familiar MySQL API: 5x faster ingest with heavy indexing, 4x faster queries and 5x faster page loads, while compressing database size by at least 50%.

About Deep Information Sciences

Deep created the world’s only application-aware relational database for the cloud. deepSQL enables high velocity data streaming alongside real-time analytics in the same database. Using machine learning, deepSQL continually adapts to changing application needs at cloud scale, all using the well-known MySQL API. Businesses are empowered to predictably meet current and future customer demands while lowering costs. Deep is headquartered in Boston. Learn more, or follow the company on Twitter @DeepInfoSci, LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook. Download today

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