East Coast Electronics Recycling Shares How Your Company Can Prepare for the Return to Work


As offices begin to return to normal operations after the coronavirus pandemic has been brought under control, more people are returning to work. Employees who have spent a year working at home may need all new computers when returning to the office, since old technology may now be obsolete.

When your company discards old equipment, computer recycling must be done the right way. Computers and electronic equipment contain hazardous materials, and for that & other reasons, improper disposal of electronics is illegal.

When companies are looking for a way to recycle their old computers in preparation for the return to everyday office life, they can turn to East Coast Electronics Recycling. ECER explains why electronics recycling is so important, answers frequently asked questions about recycling old electronics, and how companies can take advantage of their services.

Why is Computer Recycling Important?

When a computer or other item is not properly recycled, it has an adverse effect on the entire population. They have potential contaminants that, if not handled correctly, can seep into soil as well as leak into water streams, which poses serious risks to both wildlife and humankind alike. Simply put, bringing your old electronics to a recycler like ECER Inc. shows that you care about the environment.

Can Someone Access Data from an Old Computer?

Yes, anyone can access data from a computer that has not had its hard drives properly wiped. An old computer sitting in the trash is a target for information thieves. Depending on your data’s confidentiality, you may have student, patient, and employee safety to consider when throwing old computers in the trash. Recyclers like ECER Inc. follow stringent procedures to ensure that the data on all hard drives & memory devices that they take in will be protected.

How Does the Process of Computer Recycling Work?

Computer recycling begins with a pick-up from a company like ECER. They can pick up all kinds of computers and other electronic equipment for recycling. They can also leave a container at your location for use in a long-term cleanout of your computer equipment. In addition, you can drop off materials at their facility if you prefer.

Wiping Proprietary Data

The next step in computer recycling is wiping all of the data on the hard drives. This makes it impossible for scavengers and other bad actors to access your information in the future. The next step in the process will only come after the data on the machine has been completely eradicated.

Dismantling and Disassembling

Next comes the process of dismantling or disassembling the machines. Computer recyclers take apart the machines and sort the material into plastics, metals, circuit boards, and other components. Some parts of the computer can be immediately recycled, like plastics and the glass from monitors.

Shredding Hard Drives

If hard drives cannot be completely wiped using even the most advanced methods, the hard drives are physically destroyed as in a shredding process to provide complete assurance that data will never end up in the wrong hands.

Upgrading Your Old Computers

Your employees have been working at home for over a year, and most of them are looking forward to being back in the office at least part-time. Take an inventory of your computers and other electronics and see which models should be replaced with newer ones. While your employees are out of the office, this period of time is great to upgrade old equipment & recycle it since it will not disrupt their work.

Working with a computer recycling company like ECER is easy and hassle-free. The company understands that you have many pressures to deal with, and they want recycling to be one less worry for your company to think about during these difficult times.

Recycling old computers is good for the environment, for your data security, and because it is illegal to place these items in the regular waste stream.

Having a quality electronics recycling firm to rely on means that the process of getting rid of old machines will be simple. Recyclers can accept machines of any kind and any age, including heavy CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors and TVs. If your company is still using these outdated pieces of equipment, it is definitely time to change.

East Coast Electronics Recycling is ready to work with your company or organization to create a plan for computer recycling and electronics disposal. They are certain that you will be pleased by their service and the peace of mind that comes with using it.

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