James Sherblom Joins ReForm Biologics Board Chairman


WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ReForm Biologics today announced it will expand its focus to develop a new generation of bio-innovative biologic medicines in-house to improve patient access, safety and convenience. As well, James (Jim) Sherblom has joined the board of directors of ReForm as chairman to lead the shift in strategy.

Under the strategy announced today, ReForm will develop a bio-innovative medicine pipeline to convert hospital-based intravenous dosing to subcutaneous injections on an outpatient basis. ReForm will manage therapeutic viscosity to reduce injection volumes and fluid injection force, greatly enhancing many therapeutics, including pediatric applications. This strategy will seek to improve patient compliance, convenience, flexibility, and could ultimately reduce patient pain and suffering.

“Jim Sherblom, a seasoned executive in the pharmaceutical healthcare industry, brings years of experience to ReForm in building blue chip pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies,” said John M. Sorvillo, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, ReForm Biologics. “Jim was the founding Chief Financial Officer of Genzyme, which he took public, as well as the founding CEO of Transgenic Sciences Inc., which he also took public and later sold to Genzyme. In addition, he founded Seaflower Ventures and was a founding member of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council. On behalf of all of us at ReForm, we welcome Jim to our board of directors.”

Using its innovative excipients, ReForm can improve biological stability to potentially extend drug half-life, improve drug efficacy, creating fewer adverse reactions, and better disease control resulting in better patient care. ReForm’s better biological processing can potentially result in greater product consistency for better patient safety and therapeutic efficacy.

“Better patient care has always been the dream of the biotechnology sector. Building on nearly four decades of scientific advances, we are now on the cusp of introducing better biologic medicines that will enhance patient access to these transformative therapies,” said Jim Sherblom. “I am delighted join the team at ReForm to help lead this revolution in better patient care and improved clinical outcomes.”

About ReForm Biologics

ReForm Biologics creates gentler therapies for fragile patients, including pediatric patients, by using our proprietary technology to transform intravenous drugs into subcutaneous injections, to reduce adverse reactions, and to improve drug stability. Our goal is to enhance comfort, convenience, safety and compliance so that patients living with debilitating diseases can experience a better life while treating their medical conditions. For more information, visit www.reformbiologics.com.

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