Thrasio Increases European Commitment to €500 Million; Announces Another Major German Acquisition


Thrasio announced that it is expanding its recent €200 million commitment to acquire German ecommerce businesses to €500 million to fuel its growth broadly across Europe. The company cited a robust pipeline of recently-competed European acquisitions including Bonstato, a German private label brand incubator known for its everyday products with a distinctive design standard and superlative reviews.

The Bonstato deal showcases Thrasio's unique strengths to onboard a robust Amazon brand and immediately put its specialized teams to work simultaneously optimizing across multiple channels. At its purchase, Bonstato generated 96% of revenue from Amazon, which Thrasio has already diversified, launching products in the German and US marketplaces that have become top sellers in their categories and tripling the run rate revenue of the German-based direct-to-consumer (DTC) site. Thrasio teams have also added localized affiliate marketing in the US, a soon-to-launch US DTC site, and plans to take high performing products into retail, both in the US and across Europe.

"With a team of 700+ strong and over a $1 billion raised in just the last month, Thrasio is the only buyer in the space that is truly a global omnichannel machine," says Ken Kubec, VP Acquisitions. "Scaling on all global Amazon marketplaces, DTC, retail, and other sales channels is a challenge that requires specialized expertise, all of which Thrasio has in-house. As a leading digital e-commerce acquirer and operator, we create an 'everybody wins' situation—sellers receive more money through well-aligned earnout incentives and their high quality products end up in the hands of even more consumers, all over the world."

Bonstato co-owner Max Winkler, who recently became a father and wanted to slow down the pace of his professional life, says that he and co-owner Frank Petri were thrilled to find Thrasio and secure a lucrative exit. "Thrasio was diligent and professional throughout the process. They clearly showed us the path to future growth which convinced us of their operational excellence and the adjusted earnings we were seeking. All of this has been confirmed by the expeditious closing, smooth transition, and the way that the business keeps on growing."

"We are set up to cross borders," adds Thrasio COO Stephanie Fox. "Entering new regions can pose challenges for entrepreneurs, and one thing that sets Thrasio apart is our international infrastructure and scale, which drives growth for local teams in every location. Even something that seems as simple as multi-language keyword optimization is inherently complicated and needs to take into consideration copyrights, legal complications, and a whole host of cultural nuances. We have the experience to handle what it takes; we are ramping up our international efforts quickly, starting in Europe and expect to continue expanding across the globe."

Bonstato is a German brand incubator with three individual brands and a wide range of products designed in downtown Munich: bonAMICO, which offers pet-owner favorites including vehicle seat covers, pet beds, and grooming accessories; bonmedico, which sells ergonomic and orthopedic auxiliary products to promote a healthy lifestyle and relieve chronic pain; and bonVIVO, which offers a wide range of high-quality furniture and home accessories including tables, coffee/tea accessories, and floor chairs. The brand maintains a strong presence in the US market as well as the EU.

Amazon FBA sellers - in Germany, the US, or elsewhere - who are thinking of selling their business or who believe their products have viability to expand to Amazon's German or US marketplaces under Thrasio's management can start the evaluation process by contacting Sami Turkie and Kirsten Weber at or visiting

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As the largest acquirer of Amazon FBA brands globally, Thrasio boasts a massive innovation and experimentation platform that brings high-quality products to market across digital marketplaces and retailers globally. With the experience of evaluating 6,000 Amazon companies, acquiring 100 top-rated brands, and managing the scale of nearly 14,000 category-leading products, Thrasio's brands are more profitable, grow faster, and outperform almost every other seller on Amazon. Under Thrasio's management, Amazon native brands compete with top household name labels, quickly becoming the trusted items that consumers turn to for their everyday needs, including fitness equipment from Beast Gear, coffee essentials from Coffee Gator, and art supplies from Crafts4All. For more information, visit

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