D.H. Smith & Sons Relocates to 887 Plain Street, Marshfield


D.H. Smith & Sons, a company which provides wood waste cycling, land clearing, mulch manufacturing, power equipment and retail landscape supplies and which serves both the wholesale and retail markets, has further expanded its operations with the relocation of its headquarters to 887 Plain Street, Route 139, Marshfield.

Dan Smith Jr., who founded the company in 1997, said that the Marshfield location, the site of the former Copeland Lumber Company on Route 139, seemed the perfect solution for their needs when it became clear that they had outgrown the space at their Pembroke location. They first used the site for several years to manufacture mulch and then made the decision to build their new company headquarters here as well..

Smith and his team oversaw the design and construction of two buildings totaling 25,000 square feet, sited on the 16 acre parcel of land. In the last few years, the company has greatly expanded its offerings and now provides services to both the wholesale and retail markets.

One of the company’s signature endeavors is its wood waste recycling, which began in 2015 but has greatly expanded in the last year. D.H. Smith & Sons takes in stumps, logs, brush, woodchips and other material from the forest, from contractors, and then processes the materials through grinding, seasoning and color enhancing. Some of the logs which are brought in are sold to saw mills; the wood chips and grindings are made into premium mulch products, loam, and wood chips. D.H. Smith & Sons has the onsite equipment to process all of the wood products right at their Marshfield location. Dan Smith sees their location as ideal for contractors, landscapers, and residential tree service companies who are in need of a convenient location to dispose of and recycle their wood waste and compost.

In addition to taking in materials from contractors, the company also offers full land clearing and forestry services.

While the initial focus of D.H. Smith & Sons was the wholesale market, the company has added a retail component to their business with its power equipment sales and service division. The company is a full-service Husqvarna Power and Construction Equipment Dealer and Service Center. Additionally, D.H. Smith & Sons sells firewood and landscape supplies to the public.

“We continue to look for additional ways to serve the public,” said Smith, adding, “We have always done a brisk business with our wood waste recycling, and it’s great to see these products repurposed to their highest and best uses. As we have expanded our work with contractors and wholesale customers, we have also seen the benefit of offering the products and services to the public. We are pleased to add this retail component to the services and products that we offer.”

He said that the company hopes to host an Open House later this year. “We look forward to inviting friends, neighbors, customers and the community to come and see our operation. We are proud of how it has turned out and are eager to show it off!”

About D.H. Smith & Sons

Since 1997, D.H. Smith & Sons has provided a number of services including excavating and forestry services. Founded by Dan Smith of Pembroke, D.H. Smith & Sons offers unique wood waste recycling services, power equipment sales and service, and a full scale of products and services available to the public and to contractors including loam, mulch, wood chips, and other landscaping supplies. D.H. Smith Sons is committed to the highest and best use of wood products and heats its facility with a biomass (wood chip) boiler system, viewed as a “green” hearing technology. All landscaping products, including loam, mulch and wood chips are manufactured right on site at their Marshfield facility at 887 Plain Street. For additional information, please call 781-294-1230 or email Sinead@dhsmithandsons.com. Please also visit www.dhsmithandsons.com for additional information about the company.

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